Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stem Cell News - January 27, 2016

Stem Cell Research

Parkinson's Might Someday Be Treatable via Stem Cell Therapy, But Not Yet
Pluripotent refers to the ability of stem cells to turn into numerous different ... The use of autologous stem cells (from the host's own body) could be an ...
Third-annual Vail Symposium stem cell event focuses on emerging therapies
In partnership with the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus, “Stem Cells: Exploring the Research Perspective” features a panel of three ...
Columbia research shows electrical stimulation alone can aid growing heart cells
To test this approach, the researchers placed cardiomyocytes derived from both embryonic and pluripotent stem cells in a bioreactor, which functioned ...
Stem cell therapy for animals available in Meridian
"Stem cells are designed to repair the body," Adams said. "They repair all tissues whether it be heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, muscle, tendon or cartilage.
Stem cell research drives Thorn to seek LSE backing
Mr Kaye believes the potential of stem cell research is endless. “We can repair tendons, torn ... Kidney grown from stem cells by Australian scientists
11 Body Parts Grown in the Lab
A team of Australian scientists grew a minikidney, differentiating stem cells to form an organ with the three distinct types of kidney cells for the first time.

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