Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stem Cell News - March 3, 2015

Save a life by giving your blood stem cells
HAVING the same tissue-type as another person means that you could help save their life by donating some of your blood stem cells to help cure a ..
Scientists move closer to creating cartilage from stem cells
(Nanowerk News) Scientists have succeeded in producing cartilage formed from embryonic stem cells that could in future be used to treat the painful ..
A new stem cell advance
In his self-patterning approach, Merkle put 5,000 stem cells in a dish amid an ... “And our ability to study them using these stem cells is fundamentally ...
Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic plans to use adult stem cells to treat arthritis
Cardiologist Dr. Khalid Al-Saddon stands with one of the pieces of equipment at his soon-to-open Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic. 
The ins and outs of bone marrow transplantation
All your blood cells are made by blood stem cells, which live primarily in the spongy center of your big bones. In the years before you got leukemia, ...
'Miraculous' stem cell treatment may reverse symptoms of multiple sclerosis
Stem cells are viewed on a computer screen at the University of Connecticut`s (UConn) Stem Cell Institute at the UConn Health Center on August 27, ...
'Miracle' stem cell treatment reboots immune system in MS
It used high doses of chemotherapy to “knock out” the existing faulty cells of the immune system, before rebuilding it using stem cells taken from the ...
Genetic Mutations Associated With Leukemia Are Almost Inevitable With Age
"Leukemia results from the gradual accumulation of DNA mutations in blood stem cells, in a process that can take decades," says Dr. Thomas ...
Searching for a match: York Region students swabbing in young girl's memory
Mark has advocated tirelessly for “One Match”, a program through the Canadian Blood Services that connects people who are sick with stem cells.
The Running Doc on CC Sabathia's microfracture surgery
Platelets send out a signal in the body for stem cells to come to the area and rejuvenate and rebuild cartilage. This process is similar to PRP ...
Healthcare Outcomes Improve When Technology Imitates Nature
The goal is to extract the mechanics of stem cell differentiation, leading to more beneficial stem cell therapies. Stem cells start as sort of a “blank slate,” ...
A US Cloning Pioneer's Startling New Partnerships
... mature oocyte allow a 'more normal' reprogramming of somatic cells to stem cells compared to the classic transcription factor-based reprogramming ...
San Diego Zoo Gets Funding To Help Save Northern White Rhinos
Researchers hope to convert some of the cells stored in the Frozen Zoo to stem cells. These could then be developed into sperm and eggs. Ultimately ...
Lubbock Residents, Armed With T-Shirts, Helping Boy's Battle Against Cancer
For the next week, Doctors will be harvesting his stem cells, which will be stored and later given back to him in a month-long procedure later this year.

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